March 2017 \\ Modular News

FolkTek introduces Mescaline a 3 part synthesis and sequencing unit that is Eurorack compatible.

Mescaline is a synth design by Folktek which merges art, design and synthesis into a tool which encourages exploration and experimentation in sound. A synthesizer system with a different approach which works standalone or within the eurorack modular system.


This work is created by Arius Blaze and has been continuously developed and revised for two years. Mescaline is a 3 part synthesis and sequencing system designed for experimentation. Each of the boards are eurorack compatible and can be installed in a eurorack system individually or all together. Each has its own eurorack power plug on the back. Each module is 44HP.


At the heart of the unit is a 10 note polyphonic synthesizer with a sweet sound and a huge custom designed reverb which can also be used to process external sound.


System costs $449 plus shipping while the campaign is running on indiegogo


Later it will be available retail for $699

NAMM 2017


This year's NAMM was quiet for the likes of Roland, Moog, Korg and Yamaha with no major announcements. Korg updated their ARP Odysey to have full size keys and a more spacious control panel, their MS-20 got a white look while Dave Smith unveiled the REV2.


The show may not have been dominated by the big synth boys this year but Eurorack is going from strength to strength with major releases from nearly all of the Eurorack manufacturers.


Pittsburgh Modular launched six more modules ranging from oscillators, filters, envelopes to modulation and routing.


WMD introduce two more modules with the Performance Mixer being at the heart of a mudular system. This year we will also see two expanders, the channel expander and the mute expander.


Intellijel will release six new modules and Noise Engineering nine new modules while there was a bunch of modules by 2hp including Clock (voltage controlled clock source), Burst ("burst generator", sort of an accent generator) and more.



February 2017 \\ Modular News

1010Music Bitbox Sampler customers get fireware beta upgrade that introduces scrolling waveforms on the clip screen.

Download from the 1010music website

January 2017 \\ Modular News

Qu-Bit to release in 2017 Tone (Quad Filters), Amplitude (Quad Attack Decay Envelope), and Chance (Clock Generator


January 2017 \\ Modular News

Make Noise introduce the Morphagene. The module is a sampling unit that is designed to capture sounds from inside and ouside of your modular rig.



January 2017 \\ DAW News

Bitwig Studio upgrades to Version 2.0

January 2017 \\ Synthesizer News


After 2013's Stylophone S2 Dubreq are back with a £60 'Fun' noisemaker the Stylophone GX-1

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